Adventures in Highcastle

A map of the island in which Highcastle is located

Part 1

Our party consists of four members:

Since time immemorial, the kingdom of Highcastle has marked the end of its year with the harvest season, and great feasts and fairs to accompany it. Our party, a group of adventurers, has traveled to the capital city to participate in the grandest of these events. The capital city of Highcastle is naturally well fortified; it rests in a depression in the center of a range of mountains, into which there is only one route: the long and narrow "spear pass". (This location incidentally is the origin of the kingdom's name, as even since ancient times it has been considered a prime location for defensive buildings.)

After arriving in town, the party members each go their seperate ways, looking at the various booths in the town and enjoying the festivities avaliable. August takes note of the local brothel, and the group then meets up at the famed weapons mercantile store, Kashmir's Spears and Fears. Each member of the party purchases at least one weapon.

As the group leaves the store, however, they are approached by a man who identifies himself as Arimis, the Captain of King Leo's guard. He tells the group that the king is concerned about the existance of a traitor among the ranks of his soldiers, so he is interested in seeking the assistance of third-party groups for an important task: he seeks to possess a box containing a powerful magical artifact. The group expresses their interest in aiding the king, and so the captain tells them that they must quickly travel to the Cave of Fabled Lore, which is located in the mountain range surrounding the capital. After Spock stops by the local apocathery and purchases some holy water (a requirement for some of his spells), they are on their way.

Along the road, the party is waylaid by a group of three bandits; one of which is riding an enthralled sabre-toothed tiger. After a long battle (in which both Donavan and Wrathbone run head first into the surrounding forest), the adventurers prevail. Resting for a few hours, they continue their journey.

Once they arrive at the cave, they are greeted again by Arimis. Wrathbone and Spock's suspicions are aroused by his appearance, and they question him about his being there, but he tells them little and heads back toward the city.

Entering the cavern, Spock and August notice a suspicious flat spot on the floor; it appears that their has been somewhat recent construction within the area. Wrathbone, rolling a critical fail on his perception check, decides to take a nap in the center of the room. Everyone hears the sounds of tumbling rocks, but Spock, after thurough investigation, finds nothing unusual within the small chamber - except, that is, for a door located on the far right wall of the room.

Kicking Wrathbone to wake him up, Donavan walks over to the door and opens it, revealing what lies on the other side: a short hallway, with a second door at the end.

Part 2